A list of successful cases are shown below. Although they are related to geosciences applications, other industries can benefit from the same knowledge.

Machine Learning and Oil and Gas Reservoirs

Machine Learning and Reservoirs

This case shows the use of machine learning to improve oil and gas reservoir sedimentological models. Here are the details:

  • Title: From Cores to an Entire Field: Improving Reservoir Sedimentological Models Using Machine Learning (slides available here).
  • Authors: Javier Iparraguirre, Carlos Zavala, Mariano Arcuri.
  • Event: 20th International Sedimentological Congress (ISC) .
  • Place: Quebec City, Canada.
  • Date: August, 2018.

Computer Vision and Sandstone Content

Hydrocarbon Detection

This work shows the use of computer vision to detect sandstone and hydrocarbon florescence form core images. Here are the details:

  • Title: Quantification of Net-To-Gross and Oil Impregnation in Bioturbated Heterolithic Clastic Reservoirs (slides available here).
  • Authors: Javier Iparraguirre, Mariano Arcuri, Carlos Zavala, Mariano Di Meglio y Agustin Zorzano.
  • Event: Workshop on Deep Water Sedimentation.
  • Place: Bahía Blanca, Argentina.
  • Date: April, 2018.

Developing of LithoHero as a Product

I am part of the team that is developing of LithoHero. A technical software that help geoscientists to collect, record, and display sedimentological and stratigraphic data during fieldwork. Take a look a it!